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20.03.08 10:44 Alter: 6 yrs

Extension chloginskin

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Von: cyberhouse

This extension allows you to style the Backend login who you like it so it looks like you or your customer wants it! You just need to adopt one single css file. The extension also handles different styles for different urls and random stylesheets

Please take a look at the screenshots or visit my website

There are 4 demo stylesheets inside the folder of chloginskin/res/ called login1.css, login2.css, login3.css, login4.css. If you want your own one, take one of them and modify the things you want different

Random mode

To use this feature you need to enable the checkbox “Random mode” in the extension manager's settings and add at least 2 stylesheets in the following syntax:
fileadmin/styles1.css,  fileadmin/styles2.css,  fileadmin/styles3.css


The extension can check for different URLs and can include a different stylesheet for every URL.
You need the following syntax for that,


Enable this feature to get fieldsets & labels instead of tables and p tags, valid xhtml instead of broken standards for the BE login.The XCLASS just changes the file typo3/index.php and probably this will get into the core of TYPO3 4.3. If you like this feature, please rate the extension!If you are using XCLASS I set up another demo stylesheet called login1x.css