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20.03.08 10:35 Alter: 6 yrs

Extension rgmediaimages

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Von: Georg Ringer

This extension allows to insert video and mp3 files (flv, mp3) into the standard content element “Text with Images”. You can show these kind of content:

Youtube I

Youtube II

Users manual
Follow these steps to use this extension:
Prerequisite / Installation on a TYPO3 < 4. 1.6
If you want to use this extension on a 4.1.5 or lower you have got 2 options:
Update to the version 4.1.6 or 4.2. with a lot of  other nice options and features! or
You need to change some lines in a file of the core extension css_styled_content.
Take this diff or if you don't know what a diff is or how to apply it you just can take the already modified file from ext/rgmediaimages/res/class.tx_cssstyledcontent.pi1.php and override the file typo3/sysext/css_styled_content/pi1/class.tx_cssstyledcontent.pi1.php but don't forget to make a backup!

Follow the next steps in the following section.

Install the Extension

  • Install the extension with the Extension Manager
  • Include the static TS (from extension) in the template record (your root TS or make an ext. template just for the page where you want the extension be displayed).

The steps for the real beginners are:
Select your root/first page.

  • Click in the menu on the left side “Template” and choose “Edit whole record”.
  • Scroll down until you see the the same thing as in the screenshot shown.
  • Search for the “rgmediaimages” entry on the right side, click on it to get it on the left side.
  • Press “Save” and you are done.