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20.03.08 10:40 Alter: 6 yrs

Extension rgtabs

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Von: Georg

The extension rgtabs lets you toggle content element and it is also possible to have an rgtab inside another one. The content can be loaded with Ajax or can be just switched with some javascript. It is fully style able with CSS and is based on Mootools. Take a look at the the demo to get a nice impression:

Installation with another Mootools EXT installed

If there is another extension installed which uses Mootools (like pmkslimbox, rgsmoothgallery, rgsmoothscroll, ...) you need to use the extension t3mootools! Please take a look at the manual there – it is very simple to do!

Using rgtabs

To use rgtabs you need to add the extension as content element on a page. Now just select the content elements you want to display with this extension. One possible way is to create an extra sys folder or page which is hidden in the menu and place the content elements there. There is only one field required and this is the records field because you need at least 1 CE which should get shown (obvious).

You like the extension?

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